Our Work


The use of the most advanced technologies has allowed the development of several prototypes for several academic and private laboratories in order to support research. The following are brief descriptions of some prototypes developed:

MoMo:(Mood Monitoring): it consists in a data logger developed in collaboration with the Neuropsychology Unit of the IRCCS Fondazione Santa Lucia. This tool allows to monitor the mood of patients with chronic depressive syndrome in a controlled manner and for medium-long periods .

Riflesso: This system permits to record the reactions of karate and boxing athletes to well-defined stimuli which it deliver. It has been developed for the CONI (RM) and the Physiology Department of the University "La Sapienza" (Rome).

Aspice: the Alfameg s.r.l. contributed to the realization of a prototype system for integrated communication and environmental control adjustable in relation to the degree of motor disability (and residual abilities) of users. This system is based on the brain-computer interfaces (BCI) technology, smart mobility, information transmission and automation. The prototype has been developed within a project funded by Fondazione Telethon, which involved the IRCSS Fondazione Santa Lucia (Rome), the Department of Robotics and Systems, University "La Sapienza", the Italian Union for muscular dystrophy and Telecom Learning System.

For the development of these systems the Alfameg s.r.l. uses the most advanced and updated technologies available on the market, such as PIC, Zigbee, X10, WiFi, Bluetooth. The programming languages used are chosen according to the specific needs of the project. The main languages are Java, C + +, Matlab, C.