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Alfameg s.r.l. comes from years of experience in the field of scientific research. Mainly , it aims to provide its Partners with equipment specifically designed to support scientific research in various fields, by the develop software and hardware systems. The company's mission is focused on the realization of devices and electronic systems: starting from the costumer's specifications, Alfameg s.r.l. takes care of system design, choice of materials, development and prototyping. Working closely with the Partners we are concerned with finding the best solutions relying on the latest technologies

The Alfameg company develops projects in which are required not only skills rooted in the electronics field (hardware, firmware, and software), but also in complementary and interdisciplinary fields.

Its main fields of application are the development of technologies to support medical and life science research. Moreover the Alfameg s.r.l. organizes international conference and workshop.

The Alfameg company, through its founder Fabio Aloise, has contributed to several scientific papers published on international scientific journals.